Welcome to the New Intelligent Collector

By Hector Cantú

Serious collectors know that collections evolve. Pieces might be sold or traded for higher-quality examples. Or goals get tweaked to better match market realities. Ultimately, we want our collections to grow in sophistication and engage us more fully.


For the past nine years, the staff at The Intelligent Collector has worked to deliver an engaging publication. Readers appreciate our interviews with top collectors, advice from experts, and the stunning photography of the world’s most valuable treasures. We know that curiosity and an eye for detail are important traits of successful collectors. With those traits in mind, Art Director Robin Enriquez was asked to create a new look for the print magazine, a look that reflects our bold and vibrant readership. I’m confident the results will keep The Intelligent Collector a vital part of your collecting life.

IT’S ALWAYS A JOY to read about a collector like Hollywood writer Max Ember. As a college student, he was fascinated by the culture of 1930s America – a time when economic depression coexisted with Hollywood glitz. “It touched me very deeply,” he says, “this concept of the opulence, the glamor, the jazz of the 1920s and 1930s, at a time in America when people had nothing, absolutely nothing. That counter-balance, that wild contradiction, fascinated me enormously.”

And so began a collecting journey founded on a sincere appreciation of the items being collected. It’s a story thoughtful collectors everywhere can admire.

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Hector CantuHECTOR CANTÚ is editor and publisher of The Intelligent Collector.