William Henry Knieves
Heritage Auctions’ London gallery is located in Mayfair, an affluent area in the West End near Hyde Park.

London Calling


The co-managing director of Heritage Auctions’ newly opened London office relishes the prospect of competing against long-established coin dealers in the British capital.

“We are excited about opening a Heritage office in Mayfair, where all the big-named auction houses are already located,” says Max Tursi. “London is a key place to be. It is a center for numismatics, the arts and other collectibles. We expect to make major strides, especially in British and ancient coinage.”

Tursi’s confidence is understandable. He and co-managing director Nicholas Mathioudakis, who previously owned London Coin Galleries, are both experienced in working with collectors of such material as Hammered and Milled British Coins, Ancient Roman, Greek and Byzantine coins, Medieval European, Islamic coins, banknotes and other treasures.



Inspects decadrachm
“We are ready to help collectors build their collections,” says Max Tursi, co-managing director of Heritage Auctions’ new London office. Tursi inspects a Sicily, Syracuse, silver decadrachm, circa 400 B.C. (right). Photographs by Adam Gasson.

The new London office represents Heritage’s continued growth, with offices and galleries now in Amsterdam, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas, Geneva, Hong Kong, New York, Palm Beach, Paris and San Francisco.

“London is the next logical step in the international expansion of Heritage,” says Cristiano Bierrenbach, executive vice president of Heritage Auctions. “It is one of the financial centers of the world, as well as a major hub of the art and collectibles market.” (See “London’s Undeniable Sparkle,” Fall 2017 edition.)

In addition to coins, the London staff will review material for consignments across all of Heritage’s categories – including fine art, comics and comic art, entertainment memorabilia, fine wine and rare books.

We spoke to Tursi about the new office:

Why should coin collectors have confidence in your expertise?
I have a degree in classic archaeology, worked for several major auction houses, and I simply love coins. I used to collect Roman coins in my boyhood, and have always been fascinated with history. I also collect Egyptian Scarabs [amulets], Lombardic coins and medieval coins. 

Why has Heritage decided to open an office in prestigious Mayfair, or what you call the “Belly of the Beast”?
Heritage knows I have worked for years in London coin circles, that I know many dealers, and that Mayfair is a focal point for important collectors. There are lots of hedge fund people here, embassies are close by, and Mayfair is just very charming, near all the best hotels.

How will you distinguish yourselves from other auction houses?
We are ready to take, by hand, new collectors and help them build and grow their collections.

Could Brexit impact you and Heritage’s future in London?
It is still too early [to determine] if it will affect the coin trade, corporate taxes and custom policies. Still, London is and will remain a vital place to be, for this city attracts the top 1 percent of wealthy people in the world.

Heritage Auctions’ London office is located in the Mayfair District, 6 Shepherd St., London W1J 7JE. Max Tursi can be reached at MaxT@HA.com, and Nicholas Mathioudakis at Nicholasm@HA.com. For hours and auction information, visit HA.com/London.

Bay Area Growth

Heritage Auctions is expanding its San Francisco office and galleries with a new, larger location in the city’s Financial District, not far from its previous space at Jackson Square. “We are growing to enhance and accommodate more specialists and services,” says Alissa Ford, director of Fine & Decorative Arts at the San Francisco office. “We are pleased to be the Bay Area’s go-to auction house.”

Heritage Auctions’ San Francisco office is located at 603 Battery St., San Francisco, CA 94111. For hours and auction information, visit HA.com/SanFrancisco.